A mate

ADMEDIA  Feb 2011

Charlie Sutherland 1952 to 2011




A few weeks back I was driving through Wellington’s Courtenay Place – something caught the corner of my eye… a figure, a mere flash of a person. Straight away I knew it was Charlie… I had to do the traffic swerve and the parking – Charlie waiting for a bus? – I don’t get it… he was still there when I finally made it out of Blair Street. He smiled – I asked him if he was ok? – he smiled again and said NO… a man who is obviously hurting saying NO whilst smiling is a haunting image.

 We promised to catch up – he wasn’t at home anymore – we promised to have a beer… if I hadn’t had another meeting to go to I would have had a beer there and then… after all the old Paradiso was just there within reach… I felt like hugging him but he looked distant, fragile… his immaculate suit looked a size too big.

I had him on the list for a few weeks then Christmas got in the way… bugger.


RIP Charlie… you became more than just another Adman to me you went beyond a colleague… you became a mate – a rare beast in this advertising game.

Waka Attewell.