Michael David Hardcastle

1952 – 2016

NZTECHO Spring 2016 Issue 70

                                                                                                                                         Photo: Waka Attewell

The tears are jumping on me at the strangest times… I know you’d think that all rather unnecessary under the circumstances and then you would’ve said something slightly spiritual but still self-effacing, yet very humorous.

I’m driving across the Auckland Harbour Bridge…tears, remembering that shot you told me about showing all the cars. Stacked up and floating…toxic drain on precious resources. I drive passed a marae and feel your devotion to kaitiakitanga… more tears.

Yesterday on a documentary shoot filming an economist about the human dilemma of wealth and inequality, moral issues and broken political agenda… the tears drip onto the viewfinder as I remember a conversation you and I had predicting these times and the demise of humanity – would’ve been around 1991 – in a time before the term global warming had made itself into the political arena of denial and stupidity… Mike you saw it coming. You knew already where the banking system was taking us as they foreclosed on the oyster farm… it was you who told me that banking trick of forced over capitalisation and debt collection, yet, despite all that disappointment and grief you found yourself again and a true love in Anne; then telling the inner truth with your film and documentary work never failed to inspire… picking yourself up and never compromised your beliefs.

I’d admired you even more.

Thank you for that love that only a true friend can share. You can only have one friend like that and that was you Mike.

But mostly thank you for showing me how to be a better person… I will miss you immensely.

Waka Attewell.